Founding of the Arts and Craftsmen Guild

Be it known to all who work at the arts and appreciate handcrafted goods, that in January 2015 a group of artists and craftsmen met on the Roycroft Campus to explore the idea of creating a new artisan guild. During this meeting all agreed that there is a need for a guild that supports the modern day arts and crafts community as well as the campus where the American Arts and Crafts movement began. Regular meetings were commenced, duties were assigned to the founding members, and the new guild was named: Arts and Craftsmen Guild.

During a scheduled meeting at The Roycroft Inn on May 13, 2015 the Arts and Craftsmen Guild officially became “live” as an organized group of like-minded artisans.

The Founding Members:

Yvonne Stoklosa

Penny McDowell

Howard Miller

Robin Yates

Marie Gniazdowski

Katie Gasiecki

Jim Cordes

Let us go forward and be as one; working at our crafts, inspiring others to join us and support the foundation of The American Arts and Crafts movement.